Friday, December 05, 2008

Aaron Kwok Under Planning.

It has been a quiet year for pop King Aaron Kwok, save for rumors on his relationship with Lynn Xiong. When he appeared in town on Dec 4, he tells otherwise. He says he has led a fruitful 2008 and is currently preparing for a theatrical play estimated to be presented three years from now. Only after that will he start to make plans for his marriage.

Kwok was here for the opening of his endorsed watch brand's first flagship in Singapore. Before the official opening, a small incident slightly diverted the focus of the event. The brand's distributing office president was about to make a speech on stage, when he accidentally fell off stage.

The centre stage is an elevated platform, supposed to raise Kwok together with a watch from level one of Wisma Atria to the second level. The brand's president walked right into the pit hole and fell from the second level to the first. Glass shatters were heard and the crowd gave out screams of shock. It was fortunate the president did not suffer major injuries and also made an appearance moment later with Kwok. He later went for a thorough checkup and according to the company's public relations officer, their president is in good shape and did not suffer much injuries.

Though the opening ceremony was delayed, it proceeded as usual after the unfortunate incident and went on smoothly.

"This is like a 'boom'. I think this is an accident and the most important thing is that nobody is injured. Though it's a little dangerous, I think it brought a great surprise to people. This is also luck; I wish this 'booming' incident will be a good omen and business will boom," Kwok says.

In the interview with, Kwok reveals that watches are important accessories to him and he has a strong sense of time.

"I think it is unacceptable for people to be late all the time; but if it is because back-to-back jobs overrun, I think it is forgivable," he explains.

43-year-old Kwok is currently working on a play where he is producer as well as actor. This romance theatrical play is expected to be presented in 2011 and to him, it is even more important than his marriage.

"I hope to find a significant other before 50. But I think there is still an uncertainty. To put it in a corny manner, it is destiny," he says.

Kwok will be putting more efforts in charity in 2009, hoping to raise funds through different performances, for the foundation he has set up. Other than that, there are also plans to release an album.

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