Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jay Chou Top 1 Again in 2008

According to Taiwanese media reports, although the economic outlook is not good, Jay Chou (周杰伦) was able, in this year, to earn ‘Cape No. 700 Million’! This was earned from album sales, concerts, endorsements, and movies. The total sum he earned was TWD$7.03 hundred million. Second to him is Emil Chau (周华健), who earned TWD$4.6 hundred million. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is third in place, becoming the first among the female singers.

Jay Chou is very obviously the popularity king in the whole of Asia, earning record fees for his endorsements and concerts. Just singing in one show alone can earn him TWD$ 1 million. His earnings this year surpassed last year by 2 times. A representative from his music company JVR Records expressed: “Our company has never cared about the fees for producing, we only want to give the audience and fans the very best products.”

Same as last year, Emil Chau was second in place in the list. In these few years, he has rarely been seen in Taiwan, but in China, his singing gigs are never ending, with 22 shows – only less than Jay by 1 show. His manager Yang Yong An humbly expressed: “I don’t think it’s that much! Next year, because of the economic crisis, there are less shows, so everyone will be more worried.”

Jolin is the top earner among the females; her ‘Dancing Diva’ concerts have been going on for more than 2 years, with 10 shows this year. Adding on to her endorsement, she has earned TWD$3.5 hundred million – 2 times more than last year’s. Jolin, who is now in America learning dance, expressed: “I will work hard to produce better things for everyone.”
Last year’s champion S.H.E’s earnings slid a little bit this year, the main reason being that there were no solo performances this year. However, with 13 endorsements this year, they are the group with the most popularity. They said: “We hope that we would have the chance to do more charity work in the future.”
Show Luo (罗志祥), who improves every year, has earned TWD$2 hundred million this year, becoming 5th in place. He has 16 endorsements this year, becoming the king of endorsements. Wang Leehom (王力宏), Mayday (五月天) and A-Mei Chang (张惠妹) are in the 6th to 8th place respectively. Fahrenheit (飞轮海), learning from their senior’s S.H.E, entered the 9th place for the first time. Angela Chang (张韶涵), who is half resting this year, has no albums nor dramas this year, instead only having endorsements and singing gigs to earn ‘pocket money’, hence staying in the 10th place this year.
This year’s competition was fiercer than last year’s, the earnings of each being more than the previous year’s. All those who are in the top 10, have earned more than 1 hundred million. With the changing of the album business, it is obvious that the singers have used endorsements, concerts and singing gigs to earn the big bucks this year.

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