Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ariel Lin Yi-Chen (林依晨) at Aids Angel

On the World Aids Day on the 1st of December, Ariel Lin Yi-Chen (林依晨) took on the role of an 'Aids Angel', hugging a group of Aids stricken babies, hoping that the wider community would be more understanding and help such babies. She felt very sorry that babies suffering from Aids would be ostracised by society, hence she hugged and kissed the babies in front of everyone. She said: "This is a very natural way of interacting with babies, and it is also a very safe way. I hope everyone can change their opinions and views, and accept them with warm and open arms."

In the event, Ariel massaged the babies' faces and chest, even kissing their faces and mouths, showing her warmth and acceptance of them in the most straightforward way, "Bodily contact with them does not transmit the virus, even if you exchange saliva with them, you will only get the virus if it reaches 700cc, provided of course there isn't any open wounds."

A doctor expressed that kissing Aids infected babies on their mouth is equivalent to shaking hands with normal people, and would not transmit the Aids virus in anyway. The ways that the virus can actually be transmitted is through sexual contact with an Aids infected person, and through shared needles. As long as there is no open wounds, kissing an Aids infected patient would not mean any danger to anyone.

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