Friday, December 05, 2008

Wang Leehom (王力宏) concert

In his concerts, Wang Leehom (王力宏) had showed off his enviable figure, which got lots of praise. In his new album, he will be showing it again, selling his body to increase the eye candy factor. He will also be directly fighting against another 'Golden Melody King', Stanley Huang (黄立行), as both their albums will be released around the same period.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the record business is not doing well. But in December, this will change, because other than Harlem Yu (庾澄庆) and Stanley Huang who are releasing their albums in that period, Wang Leehom will too. This is will be the 'War among the Golden Melody Kings'.

In the 2005 Golden Melody Awards, Wang Leehom and Stanley Huang had an embarrassing encounter when they were giving out the award for 'Best Mandarin Male Singer'. Because of the prize presenter Karen Mok's (莫文蔚) Hong Kong accent, she did not pronounce the words 'Wang' and 'Huang' properly, which led to both Wang Leehom and Stanley Huang going up on stage at the same time, when it was actually Stanley Huang that got the award. However, the next year Wang Leehom won the award back instead.

To prepare for his new album, Stanley Huang shot a healthy 'Male dogs back' photo. He was not the only one; Wang Leehom also bared the top part of his body, showing off his abs, for his new album cover.

While they were shooting, it was winter already. However, Leehom was unafraid of hypothermia. He required his performance to be perfect, and in his free time, instead of lazing around, he didn't forget to do exercises. He repeatedly practiced with the dumbbells, saying: "I always bring along my dumbbells with me, everyday, other than making music, I would spend at least 1 hour on working out."

Wang Leehom has been nicknamed 'Iron Man' by his workers, other his love for working out, he loves music even more. Before this, while preparing for his album, he only slept 3 hours everyday, together with 1 hour of exercises. The other 20 hours were spent on composing music. His new album will start it's pre-orders in December.

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