Friday, January 02, 2009

On 2007, New Years Eve with boyfriend Edison Chen

On New Years Eve, Vincy Yeung, who has not made an appearance in Hong Kong for some time, attended a dinner event with her father. Perhaps it is because Vincy is still not used to facing the media, because when she arrived, she hid behind her father for the majority of the time.

Vincy spent 2007 New Years Eve with boyfriend Edison Chen. When asked whether they exchanged gifts in 2008, Vincy smiled and did not reply. When asked whether she will feel lonely not spending New Years with him this year, she continued to smile, and did not reply the reporter’s questions. Again the reporters asked whether she and Edison are still sweet, this time she nodded. It seems that the couple are doing fine, and the early rumours of the 2 separating are indeed not true. Facing the media’s continuous questions, Vincy cried to her father: “Help me!” He then expressed that Vincy is only in Hong Kong for a few days.

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