Friday, January 02, 2009

Joe Cheng went down to Taichung for New Year Party

The night before yesterday, Joe Cheng went down to Taichung to attend a New Year’s party, and on the way, he visited his home to see his family. However, his father did not appreciate this, and all he could think about was that he wanted to phone his good ‘daughter-in-law’ Ariel Lin. Joe said: “I will not allow him, otherwise he might go all HIGH.”

Joe, who is from Taichung, rarely has the opportunity to visit home. On the way, he especially phoned his dad to tell him the good news, but unexpectedly when his father picked up the phone, rather than being happy, he said: “I want to talk to Ariel la, hurry up and tell her to come to the phone.” Because this is already the 3rd time Joe and Ariel are collaborating together as a couple, in his dad’s eyes, the 2 are very compatible, and he has long regarded Ariel as the best candidate for his daughter-in-law.

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