Friday, January 09, 2009

Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan and Michelle Ye casted in ' Lady Cop Papa Crook '

Michelle Ye with Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan casted in 'Lady Cop Papa Crook' movie which was in time for Christmas and New Year season, scheduled to hit the screens on 23rd December. With 'box office guarantor' such as Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng, Michelle Ye, etc, as well as golden collaboration of Felix Chong and Alan Mak, and further completed with the ever popular police-bandit theme storyline, LCPC no doubt becomes the most anticipated movie of the festive season.

LCPC is Sammi Cheng's first work since her return to the industry, she plays a charismatic and cool police officer, having a lot of scenes with Eason Chan who plays mafia boss dealing with illegal fuel business. Michelle Ye will play 'mafia boss' wife the first time and will even appear in a pregnant lady image.

Michelle Ye was once the series queen in Hong Kong. After changing her career path towards the big screen, Michelle Ye has been anticipating for a significant movie role. Although LCPC is the first time where Eason Chan works together with Michelle Ye, both of them had good chemistry, complementing one another perfectly, their collaboration was a happy and smooth one. Michelle Ye who also anticipates the release of LCPC also feels that this is a movie worthy of the audience money and time to watch in the cinema.

Michelle mentioned that she became Eason Chan's 'tear bomb' for a moment in the movie, where they both played a couple of husband and wife, when their son was kidnapped. The script required him to cry, but because Eason has never had crying scenes, and couldn't cry no matter what. Michelle guided him saying, "Man do have their down times too, but man may not show their tears." These words stirred some down memories of Eason and that was how he completed his crying scene.

Michelle Ye was once TVB's fa dan, and has acted in 'Central Affairs' etc 30 plus series, and has turned to the big screen in the ecent years. In a year, she has filmed, 'Sniper',

'LCPC', 'Assassins' etc big screen productions, working with internationally renowned directors continuously, and thus has not been filming as much series. Michelle Ye expressed, she does hope to have the chance to work on some series productions, but in Hong Kong, there is a clear cut between series and movies actors, thus her company has not been encouraging her to film series.

Michelle Ye plays a mafia boss ah sou for the first time in LCPC, and also appears as pregnant lady for the first time, she said, this role is very meaningful, she has a motherly and lady like image, yet is in fact the mafia boss, even her husband Eason Chan needs to listen to her. "This is a challenge to me, a very interesting performance," she said.

Michelle Ye who debut from pageant, in fact comes from Hangzhou but follows her father to the States where she studied and began building her independence, becoming a good solid base for her determination to work in the entertainment circle.

Thus, when facing the many rumors in the circle, Michelle is always still smiling, she said, the entertainment circle, especially in Hong Kong, the media is very much into gossip. Being in the circle, she has to be prepared for the 'game', otherwise it would affect her attitude towards work.

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