Friday, January 09, 2009

Stars Big Challenge

This episode of 'Stars' Big Challenge' is honored with presence of TVB fa dan, Michelle Ye who has acted in several series, singer Jennifer Li, actors Feng Lei and Huo Zheng Yan. This episode is said to be crowded with handsome guys and gorgeous woman, it is believed that their performance will be excellent.

Jennifer Li 'doomed' with extremely spicy chicken

Among the segments, there is one when guests will spin and if unfortunate will be punished with weird punishment, where Jennifer Li was unlucky enough to earn one! Jennifer Li was unwilling to open her mouth to the extremely spicy chicken!

Michelle Ye chose to perform 'The Two Tigers'

Beauty Michelle Ye who has acted in several series not only appeared stunning, her singing was not bad too. In the 'long breath' segment, she unexpectedly chose a child's song 'The two tigers'. This choice of song couldn't help setting the audience at set roaring with laughter.

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