Monday, January 05, 2009

Tavia Yeung returned to TV City

Also, yesterday Tavia Yeung returned to TV City to start work, as to the recent reports that said she stepped onto "King Lightbox" Yeung Ji Kiu (楊志翹). Mr. Yeung also spent $400,000 to buy her a new car to use. Towards the rumors she said: "I don't have any response to this, single news is not true. I am just friends with him, but the report insisted that he's my boyfriend." As for her new car, the registration information was leaked out by someone, Tavia said: "I feel its very weird, turns out that its pretty easy for someone to investigate the information, but I do feel its a good thing for me because at least in the new year the cover story is me. If theres only a few words about me in text, then I wouldn't be happy!" Asked what her new years resolution is, is it to stay away from gossips and rumors? Tavia laughed: "I don't mind, I didn't do anything wrong, I my resolution is just the same as the song "Beautiful Life"."

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