Friday, January 02, 2009

Zhang Ziyi spending Christmas at superior club

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was seen spending Christmas with a mystery man in a superior club, without her fiancé. She was also witnessed visiting a psychiatrist in a hospital in Beijing, arousing conjectures that her relationship is Vivi Nevo is in crisis.

Reporters witnessed Zhang's car being driven into a private hospital in Beijing. She was seen wearing a black branded feather jacket, accessorized with a black trendy knitted cap, in the company of a female assistant. Upon reaching the hospital, they quickly disappeared into the lobby, seemingly trying to avoid attention of the public.

According to sources, this hospital is a renowned franchised medical organization in Beijing, and the medical charges are exceptionally high with registration fee at 100USD. Being in collaboration with the international medical insurance, the hospital sees many foreign patients. The psychiatric department which Zhang visited offers all-rounded psychological advices, diagnosis and treatments for emotions management, relationship management, depression, and etc.

Zhang spent four hours in the clinic. When she was done, her chauffer drove their car to the lobby and then went to escort her to the car. They left the hospital immediately and went straight home. Zhang appeared heavy-spirited and unhappy.

A staff from one of Beijing's private psychiatric clinic reveals that Zhang had previously been to their clinic to seek help for anxiety and insomnia arising largely from work pressure. It was also said that though Zhang used a pseudonym at the clinic, many staff and patients at the clinic still recognized her.

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