Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kelly Chen 3 months pregnant

Kelly Chen attended a press conference today for a renewal of her spokesperson status of a baked goods company, and announced that she is 3 months pregnant! She will be a new mother in the Year of the Ox. Kelly was still dressed stylishly in hot pants with high heels at the function. During the press conference, the emcee revealed that Kelly will need to buy a baby carriage soon. Kelly openly admitted to being pregnant for 3 months now and the audience clapped and cheered. She said that she knew about the pregnancy during the New Year's, and will continue to record music, film commercials and finish her work. Kelly does not care if it's a boy or girl, because it is a gift from the heavens and Alex (her husband) is extremely happy. Alex will always run out to help her buy whatever she is craving at the time.

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