Saturday, February 14, 2009

The TV drama "Jin Da Ban" (The Last Night of Madame Chin)

The TV drama "Jin Da Ban" (The Last Night of Madame Chin), starring Fan Bing Bing and Zhou Yu Min, is now filming in Shanghai. Yesterday, the drama released a set of latest pictures of this pair of lovers, Sheng YueRu and Jin ZhaoLi, looking sweet and beautiful, taking inspiration from the scenery under the rain, matching the most romantic day of the year that is drawing near - Valentine's day.

Fan Bing Bing in a white dress looking gentle and elegant, Zai Zai in a pink suit looking handsome and "like sunshine". This pair of lovers in the photo is immersed and intoxicated in sweet love, transmitting a deep sense of warmth and romance. "Jin Da Ban" is Fan Bing Bing's second drama production after her successful completion of "Rouge Snow'". In order to ensure that "Jin Da Ban" becomes a high quality production, Fan Bing Bing invested heavily, setting sky-high high price to invite Zai Zai as the male lead Sheng YueRu, the first love of Jin ZhaoLi. This drama is set on the background of "country enemies" and "family hate", focusing on the legendary life of peerless beauty Jin ZhaoLi, telling the story and process of her tenacious survival.

It was reported that the role Sheng YueRu, played by Zai Zai, was just an small adornment character in the original story. But the script was specifically amended for Zhou Yu Min and the role was expanded, becoming the most important male lead in the drama. In the play, he is pure-hearted and genuine, good and honest, loves painting and theater and is very single-minded and dedicated towards love. The two of them fell in love at first sight, but due to the limitation set during that era and strong family objections, they have to face many tribulation, portraying a beautiful and unforgetable love story. Fan Bing Bing had said earlier that Zhou Yu Min was the only candidate to act the role of YueRu and to wait for his schedule, she has deliberately delayed this drama.

The drama filming is currently based in Shanghai and will later move on to Ximen and Taiwan. Estimated production cost is nearly one million yuan* per episode, making it the most expensive costume drama.

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