Saturday, March 07, 2009

Actors of cosmopoliton

L-R: Chae Rim, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Won Hee

Kim Won Hee, Kim Sun Ah and Chae Rim appeared in the feature article "3 Editors Project" of Cosmopolitan. The idea of having the "3 Editors Project" article was based on the 3 talented actresses' dreams of becoming journalists. In this special feature article the 3 displayed their concerns for the society, ways of communication and most importantly their dreams of becoming magazine editors.

Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah (My Name is Kim Sam Soon) expressed "If I could interview an artist myself, I would use my knowledge and acting experience to make a difference.

If I could become a journalist I would love to have an interview with the hottest boy in Boys Before Flowers. I think the interview would not be too polite and formal. It would be rather relaxed and comfortable like having a day-to-day conversation between an older sister and a younger brother."

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