Saturday, March 07, 2009

S.H.E Disbanding soon ?

Having spent seven years together now, rumors have it that Taiwan girl group S.H.E will be disbanding and going solo. Is that the so-called "seven year itch"?

To this, the three girls expressed that there is a common revolutionary spirit among them and also a special sisterly bond; this is also the "unique weapon" that is keeping them together.

Besides keeping up with never-ending chats, the three ladies with different personalities have also experienced "chemical reactions" and influenced each other in one way or another. For instance, under the influence of Ella, Selina is beginning to fall for handsome men; Hebe, who used to be very image-conscious, will now play pranks and sing in front of custom officers.

Despite differences, S.H.E and Hong Kong girl group Twins have always been placed on the same measuring scale for comparison. Last year, the sex photo scandal which involved Gillian Chung brought utmost damage to Twins; while their competitor weakens on the scale, S.H.E became the "advantaged party".

Ella said Twins' tragedy reminded her of a down period for S.H.E in 2003. "My injury forced our group to go duo but we did not face the problem of disbanding. At that time my major concern was to recover and get back to work."

In conjunction with the theme behind their album "FM S.H.E", the three ladies took on the challenge of being a radio DJ. Their quick responses backfired on them when they responded ignorantly to a comment made by their guest Kelvin Tsai. In response to Kelvin's comment that "Twins is the most popular girl group", S.H.E said, "Are they still surviving?" The arrogant remark sparked off criticisms from Twins' fans.

Now that Gillian is resuming work and Twins may reunite soon, when S.H.E was asked again if they are now more popular than Twins, they darted the controversy by replying, "Fahrenheit is most popular!"

The trio, however, added that they are glad that Twins is getting back again after the storm. "To be together is awesome," they said.

Ella also recalled a photo which S.H.E took together with Twins when the former first entered the scene. "They (Twins) were already very popular in Hong Kong then! The three of us still looked raw and amateurish; all five of us were really young back then but we were all very happy."

In face with competitors in showbiz, S.H.E is unafraid and confident about their standing; they only have one thing to say: "We're truly unique!"

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