Friday, March 06, 2009

New drama [ToGetHer]

Da Dong's new drama [ToGetHer] has left no stone unturned in overseas ratings. At the end of last month, they personally went to promote in Singapore and sure enough, it was effective. When it aired on Singapore's Channel U, ratings reached 7.7. This timeslot has aired Takeshi Kaneshiro's [Perhaps Love], Taiwanese variety shows [Entertainment Big Brother] 綜藝大哥大 and [Jacky Go Go Go] but none have reached this result and it even beat Wu Chun's [Hana Kimi]'s record of 5.9, creating a new ratings record for idol dramas airing in Singapore. Calculating in accordance with Singapore's population, [ToGetHer] has attracted 290,000 viewers. Jiro Wang's idol charm has beaten Entertainment Big Brother Zhang Fei and Jacky Wu. Moreover, [ToGetHer] will soon air in Brunei, snatching top male in South-East Asia Wu Chun's territory!

Hearing about drama's ratings, Da Dong was very happy but being accused of snatching Wu Chun's territory, he said jokingly, "We're all one family, snatching territory doesn't matter!" Moreover, he wants to invite Rainie Yang to Brunei for a trip and when the time comes, they can even ask Wu Chun to be their tour guide!

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