Friday, March 06, 2009

Song Zu Ying Coming combination with Jay Chou

At the Spring Festival Gala this year, Song Zu Ying and Jay Chou's "Ying Lun combination" gave the audience a fresh experience. Yesterday (4th), Song Zu Ying appeared at the CPPCC arts discussion wearing a military uniform, she was surrounded by reporters. Song Zu Ying told reporters, this year there will be another "Ying Lun combination" performance, but it won't be on the National Day.

Song Zu Ying expressed that she would definitely work with Jay Chou again if there was a suitable chance. Jay Chou's style of songs are deeply liked by everyone, of course this includes myself. When reporters asked "Will you be working with Jay Chou again?" Song Zu Ying immediately replied: "Yes, there will be an even better performance. I can tell you directly, I will be performing with him this year." (Will it be on the National Day?) "No it won't".

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