Wednesday, April 01, 2009

21(To Anyone) new girl group

‘21(To Anyone), the new girl group from YG Entertainment, also known as the ‘female Bigbang’, has changed their group name to ‘2NE1′.

If you pronounce ‘21′, it can also become ‘To Anyone’. However, they later were notified of there’s already a group named ‘21(To Anyone)’.

On the 30th, Yang Hyunsuk, the representative of YG said, “I apologize to the original ‘21(To Anyone)’. If I was aware of this before-hand I wouldn’t have included the meaning ‘To Anyone’ in the name.”

“When we were choosing a group name, we had searched up the number ‘21′ and didn’t have any results with any singers with the name. Thus, we thought that it was okay to use the name. However, we didn’t to search up ‘To Anyone’.”

Also Representative Yang said “We will not use the name ‘21′ or the meaning ‘To Anyone’ officially and instead we will use the name ‘2NE1′”

According to YG, ‘2NE1′’s NE is the abbreviation for ‘New evolution’. Therefore, 2NE1 means a new evolution in the 21st century. A few days ago they confirmed two domains for this group (,

2NE1 planning to officially debut in the beginning of May, and have recently released a digital single ‘Lollipop’ with Bigbang.

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