Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Group Big Bang on vacation in the month of May

Group Big Bang will have a honey sweet vacation in the month of May.

YG president Yang Hyun Seok revealed that some time should be need for the members to recharge and hence for the whole of May, there will be no activities scheduled for the group.

Yang said in a phone interview, “Since their debut in 2006, Big Bang has not got the chance to rest properly. To make sure that they can make the best out of their Japanese promotions, they will have the whole of May to rest.”

Big Bang recently ended their promotion for their 3rd album title song ‘Sunset Glow’ last year. And right after that, member SeungRi into his solo promotion of the song ‘Strong Baby’ and the rest of the members did CF shooting and also did recording and working for their own music. All busy in ‘unseen places’. Also they will be staying in Japan and busy for their promotion in the months of June and July and recently they are also preparing for that.

Members DaeSung and SeungRi has already ended their MC taskes on MBC Music Core on 28th March for the vacation. But for DaeSung who has to be on SBS variety show ‘Family Outing’ and TOP who is doing filming for drama ‘IRIS’, the members will not be running for any promotions activities for that month.

This will be their first vacation or rather ‘recharging period’ for Big Bang in 3 years since their debut. Also for member GDragon, who is known to be the fashion icon, will also spend the time in May to go on a Europe vacation to study fashion. While TaeYang and SeungRi will study on dancing from famous dance choreographer in America.

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