Monday, April 20, 2009

The band will release a regular album in July

Jin Air is to provide the two flights between Gimpo and Jeju and Busan and Jeju for the event scheduled for May 2 and 3. The group's five members will be divided into two groups to board each plane and personally serve the fans in the cabin.

In Jeju, the band will hold a fan meeting at the International Convention Center and a garden party at a hotel, and take part in a tour program with fans.

A Jin Air staffer said, “As soon as we started to receive bookings on our website, so many people visited it that all seats were booked in two hours.” Some 200 Japanese fans also made reservations.

The music channel Mnet will accompany the flights to cover the event to broadcast a program under the title of “SS501 Romantic Sky" in late May.

Meanwhile, the band will release a regular album in July.

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