Monday, April 20, 2009

First concert of Wang Lee Hom 2009 campus tour

Wang Leehom held the first concert of his 2009 campus tour, attracting large groups of fans who went to see their idol's graceful manner and performance. At the concert, Leehom even acted as Cupid, helping a couple make a marriage proposal and confession of love causing the atmosphere on and offstage to reach its highest point.

Handsome Wang Leehom wore a white shirt with black vest and accessories adorned with diamonds; his look was simple but did not lack a sense of rock. As soon as he appeared on stage, the crowd cheered. At the concert, he performed a total of 15 songs, famous ones and those from his latest album including [Heart.Beat], [Dirty Love], [I Have Absolutely No Reason to Pay Attention to You]; regardless of whether he was expressing emotion [through love songs] or performing rock, the female fans offstage paid full attention, watching their idol with deep feeling; during the concert, Leehom performed violin, piano and other talents, his exquisite performance making fans praise him further. His juniors Evan Yo and AiLing Tai also came down south specially to support him.

During the concert, Wang Leehom sang the duet from his new album, with first-year student Chen Jia-yin who is studying Business Administration at Cheng Kun University. Watching Leehom and Chen Jia-yin sing together with such deep emotion, the fans offstage all admired them profusely.

Before returning to Taiwan to begin his concerts, Leehom and Director Ang Lee met up; at the concert Leehom especially said on behalf of Ang Lee, "I really miss everyone and I also really miss home". He then sang 's theme song [Falling Leaf Return to Roots], the atmosphere was warm and touching.

The most special event was that Leehom used his singing voice to help a male fan propose. He first asked the girl to come onstage to sing [A Simple Song], then the guy took out fresh flowers and a ring to propose. The girl was very surprised and touched, the concert was filled with a breath of romance.

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