Saturday, April 18, 2009

Descendants of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and Friends

SM Entertainment’s Zhang Li Yin will be attending the press conference for Jackie Chan's “Descendants of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and Friends” concert on Sunday, April 19, 2009. Super Junior-M will be attending the concert on May 1.

Currently in Korea preparing for her second Chinese album, the SM Entertainment soloist is expected to return to Beijing for the press conference on Sunday. The concert, called “Descendants of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and Friends” is to commemorate the Sichuan earthquake that happened one year ago on May 12, 2008. Besides the Sichuan-born singer being invited, her labelmates Super Junior-M is also invited to the concert, though they will not be attending the press conference on Sunday.

The concert will start on May 1, the beginning of China’s three-day May Day holiday. Zhang Li Yin and Super Junior-M are expected to perform on the concert’s first day before returning back to Korea on May 2. Other guests expected to be at the concert include: Emil Chau, Wang Lee Hom, Jane Zhang, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Khalil Fong, Alan Tam, Charlene Choi, Jonathan Lee, Angela Zhang, Eric Tsang, Li Bing Bing, Li Yuchun and Rain.

Held at the Bird’s Nest (the nickname for the Beijing National Stadium), Jackie Chan will lead over 100 artists under his name, having the first ever concert to be held in the Beijing Olympic stadium. A stadium that costs $450-million to build, and can hold 91,000 attendees, has been relatively defunct since the end of Paralympics Games last year.

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