Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tohoshinki and Ayumi Hamasaki at A-Nation 2009 on Aug 1st 2009

Tohoshinki will appear in a joint performance along with Japanese top singer, Ayumi Hamasaki.

The joint stage will take place in A-Nation 2009 on August 1st where Tohoshinki is participating to meet their local fans. Ever since A-Nation 2002, it’s been known that AVEX, one of Japan’s largest agencies which becomes Tohoshinki and Ayumi Hamasaki’s agency, has culture of joining its singers for a collaboration stage.

Just released in A-Nation 2009 official website, one of line up performances is including joint stage of Tohoshinki and Ayumi Hamasaki while the other performers are Koda Kumi, TRF, AAA, and other singers whom some of are not yet published.

A-Nation 2009 on August 1st will be held at Nagai Stadium, Kumamoto country park, Osaka and becomes the start of total 7 A-Nation 2009 shows all over the country. Tohoshinki will perform at 6 out of 7 shows. Tohoshinki has been participating since A-Nation 2006 “Come On - The Nation”.

Meanwhile, it’s already launched last month that Tohoshiki’s The Secret Code finale tour on July 4th and 5th will be held at the great Tokyo Dome.

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