Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gigi Leung flew to Beijing for her new album "Gift"

The day before yesterday, Gigi Leung flew to Beijing to attend the press conference for her new album , other than receiving praises from her producer and higher executives of her company, fans also gave her an ‘imperial edict’, and prayed that she would release more work and be happy everyday, this caused Gigi to be both shocked and happy.

Gigi Leung, who wore spring clothings, came out from a gigantic gift box, and this action was in theme with her album’s theme, she sang 2 new songs live. Gigi, who was always serious about her work, was holding a lot of post in her new album, including music production, art director, choosing melody, designing album cover, image and taking photos for the cover etc, and this realized her designing dream of many years, other than that, she was also tired out. After this, Gigi would continue towards Shanghai and Guangzhou to continue promoting her album.

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