Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gold Song in Hong Kong and Taiwan "Fragrance Of Rice"

The big winner at the Sprite Music Awards, Jay Chou was very late, on the 17th he started filming fight scenes in "Ci Ling" at 4 in the morning, he only finished after 9 hours of filming, but he couldn't make it in time to fly to Beijing, he was late by a total of 3 hours, he even had to get ready while he was in his car, at last he made it for the ending, he took home 6 awards by himself.

Jay Chou has been filming in Inner Mongolia, in recent months the life in the desert has not been good to him, his back problem flared up because of being overworked. In order to attend the Sprite Awards, he started filming earlier, he got up before the sky was even bright, he fought till the end, but just from Inner Mongolia to the airport in Yinchuan, the car trip took 2 hours, he didn't make the planned 3 O' clock flight, so instead he had to change to the 6:30 flight.

Jay Chou arrived in Beijing at 8:15, he rushed to the awards ceremony, he took home Gold Song in Hong Kong and Taiwan "Fragrance Of Rice", Most Outstanding Composing Artist, Most Popular Male Artist, Most Illustrious All Round Artist, Music Video Director and Most Outstanding Album, he won 6 awards by himself, it was a big honour. He didn't have time to rehearse so he played and sang "Where's The Promised Happiness" and "Fragrance Of Rice".

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