Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sha Hen Da very popular slogan in Taiwan now

"Sha Hen Da” is a very popular slogan in Taiwan recently, and the media are very interested about the girls with baby face but hot body figure. Anyway, it’s really important to keep younger appearance in the entertainment circle apart from improving personal condition. Many top actresses are lucky to have that kind of baby face, so that they are more popular and attract more advertisement offers. Who’s the best baby-faced beauty in your opinion?

There are several stars listed in the vote for “Who’s the best baby-faced beauty”. For instances, YaoYao who is a hot focused figure, top idol stars like Rainie Yang(Yang Cheng Lin), Ariel Lin, and Chen Qiao En. Vivien Xu (Xu Ruo Xuan) who never reveal her real age, famous singer Zhang Shao Han and Wang Xin Ling. And Jia Jing Wen, who exposed a lot recently due to the news of her marriage, is also on the list as a candidate. This election finally attracts 35,956 votes by Mar. 16. Although Ariel is just recovering from the surgery, but she got the overwhelming support from the netizen by 14,722 votes because she showed up and looked well in many activities. The second one is idol series star Chen Qiao En. Her baby face is always the guarantee of the audience ratings. And the third one is Jia Jing Wen. She is senior than other girls in the list, but many netizen agreed that she looks very young for many years.

Another election along with “Who’s the best baby-faced beauty” is “ Who is the next top actor in idol series”. The result was also released on Mar.16. Huang Hao Teng, who acts in the popular series “ Guang Yin De Gu Shi”, was voted as the next top star out of Zhao You Ting, Wen Sheng Hao, Hu Yu Wei, Ban Jie and Li Guo Yi.

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