Monday, May 04, 2009

12th annual reader-chosen Drama Grand Prix

Nikkan Sports has finished announcing the winners of its 12th annual reader-chosen Drama Grand Prix. The awards cover the period from April 2008 to March 2009, with the final nominees consisting of the top five from each season.

The TBS thriller "Maou" was voted Best Drama. Arashi's leader Satoshi Ohno picked up the title of Best Actor, impressing fans with his acting in that series. Meanwhile, Best Actress was won by a wide margin by Aoi Miyazaki, who starred in the hit taiga drama "Atsuhime."

NEWS and Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido was the top choice for Best Supporting Actor, having played the violent and possessive boyfriend in Fuji TV's "Last Friends." Juri Ueno also picked up Best Supporting Actress for the same drama series.

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