Monday, May 04, 2009

Jackie and friends @ Beijing's National Stadium

Yesterday night, Jackie Chan held his concert at Beijing's National Stadium, the "Bird's Next". He invited South Korean superstar Rain, Jonathan Lee, Chris Li, Emil Chau, and other popular singers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Rain didn't get his approval until the last minute, but he successfully delivered his performance in the end.

Jackie Chan is the first to hold a concert at the Bird's Nest. The set up was certainly impressive. There were seven hundred security guards and over a hundred fifty performing guests. From Hong Kong, there were Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Jaycee Fong, Charlene Choi, and more. Singers from Taiwan included Jonathan Lee, Emil Chau, Van Fan. From China, there were Sun Nan, Li Bing Bing, Yuan Quan, Chris Li, Liu Yuan Yuan, Zhao Ben Shan, Teacher Xiao Shen Yang and his disciple, and more.

Last night at 7:10PM, the Bird's Nest was filled with approximately eighty-thousand people, without an empty seat. Jackie Chan wore white traditional clothes and appeared on stage. With more than a hundred singers spread across six smaller stages, they sang "Descendants of the Dragon" together. Standing on the stage, Jackie Chan asked the audience to be environmental friendly, "I hope that after everyone leaves here, there will be no plastic bottles or concert tickets left in the stadium, okay?!" Afterwards, he sang "Sincere Hero" with Jonathan Lee and Emil Chau, and pushed the concert to its height.

Hong Kong's Oriental Daily reported that Rain's approval was delayed, where he didn't know whether he could go on stage or not. Thus, Rain did not appear on stage at the opening of the show. He got the approval at the last minute and he went on stage after Jackie Chan gave him an introduction. The crowd cheered loudly as Rain sang and danced. Fans went wild when Jackie Chan and Rain performed "Love in Autumn" together.

Rain expressed in an interview, "I immediately agreed to perform after receiving Jackie Chan's invitation because for one, 'Da Ge' (big brother) is a really nice person and two, because this is for charity. Therefore, I must attend. I'm very happy to be able to perform at the Bird's Nest again this time. It reminds me of the time I was performing here for the Olympics."

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