Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2nd single ‘Gara Gara GO’ from Big Bang

Big Bang’s first debut single has went up higher on the Oricon chart.

They released their debut single ‘My Heaven’ on 24th June and on the day of its release the song ‘My Heaven’ was up #4, and the next day it went up to #3 on the chart. And after 5 days into its release, the song is up #2 on the chart, marking the group’s remarkable achievement on the chart.

On the 24th, at #1 was Kamiji Yoosuke, #2 went to female idol group AKB48 and #3 went to pretty boy singer Koike Tepei. As a newcomer to the industry, it is remarkable that they are staying in the top 10 and moving up the chart.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will also be releasing their 2nd single ‘Gara Gara GO’ on 8th July.

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