Tuesday, June 30, 2009

King of Concerts brings MayDay the awards

Sure enough, they have truly earned the name "King of Concerts"! Mayday were honoured with the award for Best Band at the 20th Golden Melody Awards. At the conclusion of the awards event, they went to Mei Zi Restaurant to hold a celebratory dinner. When asked how they felt about receiving the award, band leader Monster expressed that he was very happy. Adding to that, 2009 is also their 10th year as a band so receiving the award this time held extraordinary significance. Furthermore, even though Mayday joked that defeating their rivals "The Chairman" felt "really good", in actual fact everyone's great friends. At the same time, Mayday raised their glasses to all the other bands that were nominated, expressing that all the nominees were all respectable opponents.

In regards to taking home the Best Band award for the third time, Monster also jokingly said that Mayday had finally fulfilled "無三不成禮" [T/N: phrase meaning not complete without the third]. Lead singer Ashin also joked, "Is this like the phrase insurance companies often use, 'the longer you live, the more you gain'." Besides receiving the Golden Melody Award for Best Band, in September Mayday will be bringing their DNA concert to Taipei Arena. Ticket sales achieved great success with two concerts sold out in record time. Mayday recently had to urgently add another concert for September 25, these were sold on June 26 but in less than 3 hours, they were completely sold out. The next day they were awarded the award for best band at the Golden Melody Awards event, it could be said that two happy events occurred at the same time!

At the celebratory dinner, Mayday were asked, since they were so happy about receiving the award, would they do something shocking? Masa expressed, they're really happy about getting Best Band but, "The late justice is still late." Everyone felt that Ashin had been wronged, not yet winning Best Lyricist, Ashin also hopes to write even better songs in the future. Moreover, Fish Leong who was nominated for Best Female Singer for the 5th time, had just finished her concert in Guangzhou and had to rush back to Taiwan to attend the GMAs. The travel-worn Fish Leong went home to rest after the awards event and didn't attent the celebratory dinner. Having not yet been able to get the award, Fish expressed that she was disappointed in herself. Originally she had hoped to use this opportunity to thank all her friends onstage for supporting her all the way, but the caring Fish Leong didn't forget to text and congratulate Mayday.

At the dinner, Mayday also felt pity for Fish Leong and expressed that this year, her "Fall In Love & Songs" album had performed greatly and thus, she would have a really big chance to be crowned Music Queen next year. Masa said, "Regardless of whether Mayday are nominated next year, we will definitely attend the GMAs to support Fish." Their friendship as colleagues was clearly evident. Mayday's 2009 DNA concerts will be held September 25-27. All the tickets have already been sold out and Mayday thanks all their fans for their support. As to whether or not any more concerts will be added, the record company says they are still discussing.

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