Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Actor Kang Ji-hwan celebrated the first anniversary

Actor Kang Ji-hwan celebrated the first anniversary of his official Japanese fan club, and recently traveled to Kobe (July 3) and Tokyo (July 5) for fanmeetings commemorating the event.

The attendance was pretty high; Kobe’s fanmeeting held 2,000 fans, while the one at Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho hosted 5,000. He sang a few pop songs in Korean and Japanese and expressed his gratitude to fans for rooting him on, writing supportive messages on his homepage, and visiting his film sets.

Aside from his drama series (Hong Gil Dong, Capital Scandal), Kang’s popularity in Japan has been bolstered by roles in his film Rough Cut and follow-up action movie Level 7 Civil Servant. Kang Ji-hwan’s next project is a leading role (with Lee Jia) in the upcoming joint Korea-Japan telecinema project; his segment is a Shallow Hal-like romantic-comedy story called The Relationship Between Faces, Hearts, and Love about a guy whose head injury causes him to see visions making unattractive women appear attractive and vice versa.

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