Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Releasing their 1st minialbum on the 8th

Releasing their 1st minialbum on the 8th, group 2NE1 will continue with their special practice of performing on music programmes once a week.

With the release of their first digital single ‘Fire’ in May, the group has went on 8 times on music shows in the 2 months of their promotion. Their debut stage was on 17th May on SBS Inkigayo and they only went on music shows on 8 times for the next 7 weeks.

YG has explained, “As compare to the popularity they will gain by going to perform on music show, the capabilities they show on stage is more important. You can’t give everyone a good impression with different costumes but the same choreography everytime. Because of that, the girls will practise their new choreography every week for their performance.”

Meanwhile, the girls will have their comeback stage with ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Pretty Boy’ on KBS Music Bank on 10th July after their 1st minialbum on the 8th.

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