Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Charming China concert held at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing

Last night, ‘Charming China’ concert, featuring Jay Chou, Song Zu Ying, Domingo & Lang Lang. was held at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing. The performance stage was done magnificently with brilliant lighting effects to match the superb dancing scenes. Song Zu Ying appeared on the stage in numerous traditional Chinese costumes. ‘Lun Ying’ (Jay Chou + Song Zu Ying) duo held hands and sung ‘A Thousand Miles Away’ and ‘Folk Songs Are Like Spring Water’ together.

Jay Chou then sat on a dragon throne while singing his solo ‘Fearless’. He then sung another solo ‘Chrysanthemum’ while playing guzheng. After this, Song Zu Ying & Domingo held hands while singing ‘Flame Of Love’ together. Domingo even did a Chinese interpretation of ‘Kang Ding Love Song’ .

But the most anticipated item was the final song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ where the 4 collaborated together. First, Jay sung and played on a crystal piano at the same time, then Song Zu Ying came out and sung with him, then Lang Lang rose from below the stage and did a piano battle with Jay. Under the accompaniment of the 2 pianos, Song Zu Ying sung together with Domingo. Finally, under Lang Lang’s accompaniment, the other 3 together ended the concert.

At the press conference before the concert, Song Zu Ying expressed: “Jay Chou’s Chinese style is what we have in common.” And Jay Chou revealed that he was extremely nervous: “I’ve never seen such a beautiful stage, a true eye-opener, I really treasure this opportunity to be able to combine Chinese and Western elements together.” When asked when he’ll hold his own concert at the Bird’s Nest, Jay replied: “I want to wait till I’ve written 100 songs. For this concert, I’ll sing songs that I won’t normally sing at my concerts.”

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