Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Momo Love GTV idol drama

On the afternoon of June 29, Ken Chu wore a red nose and acted as a clown reporter for GTV idol drama . The drama has been cutting down on time and other matters, choosing to film at the entrance of their own GTV studio. Recently, Ken Chu revealed his "Zhu" legs by wearing his suit with shorts "豬哥亮 (Zhu Ge Liang) outfit". This time he continues to take the path of acting odd but he doesn't mind, telling his agent, "This is acting, isn't it?"

In Ken Chu acts as a weather reporter but it purposely switched to a news reporter making his unsuccessful character imagine that he has become a clown interviewing people, even constantly hitting walls when interviewing passers-by while other reporters watch him. The microphone he held looked as cute as an ice-cream cone so it didn't look like he was a reporter but rather, as if he was selling ice-cream.

After jogging a few rounds, Ken felt tired due to the blazing sun. He stopped to rest while his assistant kindly passed him a drink. He became hungry and thirsty, talked with some of the employees for a while before hurrying off into the studio where there was air-conditioning.

Ken Chu started out in and was shaped into an idol from F4, yet in he acts as a clown. Previously, he also chose to dress in a suit with shorts while acting as a weather reporter, working hard to free himself from the burden of being an idol. An employee from his agency, Huang Xiao Ling said, "He feel that this is acting and an actor should match their required role, there's nothing to care about."

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