Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fans of Ha Ji-won threw a birthday bash

Fans of Ha Ji-won threw a birthday bash for their beloved star on June 21. The actress who turned 30 (some say 31 or 32 depending on which system you're counting with, I guess) on June 28 was moved to tears when her fans performed for her.

But before Ji-won shed tears of joy, she spent the day playing games and sports with her supporters. They ran about and sweated, and even ate ice-cream together. It is also reported that Ji-won spoke to some overseas fans in English without an interpreter.

The actress had a fantastic time with her fans, and she is all set to do what she does best by appearing in the new film Haeundae, which is scheduled for a July 23 release in South Korea.

Happy belated birthday, Ji-won sshi! :-)

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