Sunday, July 05, 2009

'4 Minute' @ music bank

At Music Bank, popular girl group '4 Minute' has once again performed a magnificent stage.

On July 3rd at a broadcast station KBS2 song program 'Music Bank' girl idol group ' 4 Minute (JiHyun, GaYoon, JiYoon, HyunAh, SoHyun) put up another extraordinary performance.

HyunAh who used to be Wondergirls member now joins 4 Minute which has gained popularity at a scary speed. With debut song 'Hot Issue' they enter the music industry and quickly get hot response.

Worth to mention that 4 Minute is reported to be standing strong at music download from popular P2P music site and web. They have taken a total of 22.5% of the download chart.

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