Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Filming of a charity advertisement

Recently in Beijing to attend a TV dance competition, Jet Li met media questions regarding his nationality with silence, and left swiftly in the protection of security guards after the competition ended.

In Taiwan on July 3 to attend a Buddhist event, Li took the initiative and spoke about this matter. He expressed that he was not surprised to learn of the public's reaction to his nationality issue but has learnt to see both sides of a coin.

He gave an unrelatable comparison, "For example, having a car may be cool, but there are maintenance costs, taxes, insurance and the possibility of accidents. I'm not surprised. If one is able to learn the uncertainty of life, you will also get to taste bliss."

However, during the filming of a charity advertisement when he was asked again about the matter, Li neither admitted nor denied but just thanked the Chinese government for their hospitality regardless of the passport he held. Li also went about the topic of his nationality by saying, "The earth is my home."

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