Friday, July 03, 2009

GDragon will release his first solo album

Big Bang leader GDragon will release his first solo album on 18th August on his 21st birthday.

Yang Hyun Seok revealed that on Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’ aired on 2nd July. And on a phone interview with YG on 2nd July, They revealed, “We will have to look into the situation more carefully.”

GDragon’s solo album was pushed back from the initial release date in April because of his slight depression due to great workload he was handling that time. Hence he will be the 4th one from the group after TaeYang, DaeSung and SeungRi to go on his solo activities.

And GDragon is the 2nd member from the group to have his solo album. There are also plans for DaeSung to release a non-trot solo album later this year, and there are also plans TaeYang’s 2nd solo album.

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