Friday, July 03, 2009

Variety and Infotainment programmes

THEY have captured many fans with their acting skills but now, Hongkong TVB artistes Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Halina Tam and Wong Cho Lam are trying new things including playing hosts on variety and infotainment programmes.

Chan is the host of the coffee-centric infotainment show, Coffee Confidential; Lai helms a documentary following the classic Journey to the West in The Master of Monkey King; and Tam is co-host of astrology and feng shui show Destiny and Beyond. Wong, who is both an actor and show host, will next be seen in a new sitcom Off Pedder.

The four artistes were in Kuala Lumpur last weekend to plug the shows to be aired over Astro Wah Lai Toi (Channel 311) and made appearances at Cheras Leisure Mall and Sungei Wang Plaza to meet with fans.

Chan, a coffee connoisseur, is thrilled to host Coffee Confidential as he gets to travel to many countries to try out the coffee there. "I’ve come to Malaysia many times but I have not really tried the coffee here," he said, adding that he is contemplating opening a cafĂ© here!

Lai, who shot to fame in Rosy Business, shows his sense of humour when he said the reason he was asked to host a historical/cultural programme was because he was a learned person.

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