Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hip-hop group RIP SLYME @ Sports brand Adidas

Hip-hop group RIP SLYME will be representing Japan in an international marketing campaign for sports brand Adidas.

This year marks Adidas' 60th anniversary. At the end of January, Adidas started its commemorative campaign, involving about 20 star athletes and entertainers from around the world. Participants include soccer player David Beckham (34), rapper Missy Elliott (37), and NBA player Kevin Garnett (30). Commercials are being broadcast in England, America, and various Asian countries.

RIP SLYME will be collaborating with Adidas in advertising a new line of shoes and clothes commemorating the 60th anniversary. Their song "Good day" from the album "JOURNEY" has been given a remixed version titled "Good Day - adidas Originals remix by DJ FUMIYA," which will be available for chaku-uta download on July 15th. All five members of RIP SLYME will be wearing the new commemorative sneakers in the promotional video.

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