Friday, July 03, 2009

Super Junior’s Kibum

“SJ” Super Junior’s Kibum is really just too loved by his fans! Only because he has not appeared for a long time, coupled with the fact that he is unable to join in for Super Show II, some netizens have actually started to claim that he has fallen out with his members and SM Entertainment, and is planning to go solo by setting up a company on his own.

According to one tip-off, Kibum did not join in for promotions for Super Junior’s 3rd jib due to acting commitments, and was originally planning to reunite with his members for the concert tour. However, he’d hurt his leg a couple of weeks back and therefore is unable to join in. This in return, has generated a lot of controversy and debate amongst fans and netizens alike.

This news is believed to be the cause of all the rumours. When Kibum was interviewed recently, he said that he was incredibly touched when SJ won the Mutizen for in Music Bank, and when Leeteuk was crying and calling out to him: “We did it, Kibum who’s watching television now”.

Kibum was affected for a long time after that, and this only furthur proves that SJ is of one heart.

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