Saturday, July 04, 2009

" Momo love " in progress

Jiro Wang (Da Dong) and Cyndi Wang are shooting “Momo Love”, is there really sparks between them? Since the announcement of the two being in the same drama, immediately rumours of Jiro being interested in Cyndi surfaced and that Cyndi wasn't resisting it. In front of the drama team Jiro would ask her out, especially just recently when Pussycat dolls and Namie Amuro had concerts, he asked in private if she had a preference, rumour has it that the two went to enjoy Namie Amuro's concert. As to the new romance, Cyndi Wang's manager Zhang Jia Rong denies it, saying that Cyndi is busy with filming and didn't go see Amuro, the whole drama crew can be witnesses.

Da Dong regularly has rumours with mixed race beautiful girls, his taste preference seems to lean towards big breasted, big eyed beautiful girls, but in contrast with Cyndi it's the extreme opposite. An acquaintance with inside information says that Jiro actually has a very wide range in “taste”, you can see this from his girlfriends in his former days before entering into show business, to his rumoured girlfriends Liu Hong Ling and Rainie Yang

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