Sunday, July 05, 2009

New book 'Joe Sees Paris'

Joe Chen’s new book 'Joe Sees Paris' reveals another interesting ambiguous story. In the article titled 'Good Person', she writes: "Truly know that 2 hearts were once closely relied on, only we have tried, but it seems it won’t work out, I think that we are all good people, only fated to be friends."

Coincidentally, the time when this book was written, was when Joe had just finished filming 'Fated To Love You'. And she had sparked many rumours with male lead Ethan Ruan. Yesterday, at the press conference for her new book, Joe immediately denied, she is most afraid of the media pigeon-holing: "That’s my own fantasy after watching a film la." Her manager also shook her head saying: "She and Ethan have no chemistry whatsoever."

Currently, Joe is collaborating with Blue Lan in SETTV drama 'Easy Fortune, Happy Life.' However, she has never tried to hide her differences with Blue; his jokes never make her laugh. There was once when the 2 had an intimate scene, and Blue wanted to melt the awkwardness so he suddenly said: "You have sleep in your eyes." So Joe immediately turned around to find a mirror, asking him: "Which eye?” But Blue replied: "Just kidding." Hence, Joe really does not understand Blue’s sense of humour.

Earlier, Joe went on 'Kang Xi Lai Le' and host Xiao S asked her who is better, Ethan or Blue? Joe replied straightforwardly: "Ethan's good wins over Blue, he is a pistachio; just looking at him will make me happy."

Joe’s new book has already sold 50,000 copies through pre-order. Yesterday, 'Jungiery' boss Sun De Rong expressed: "8 years ago when Joe starred in ‘Lavender’, she was still a newbie, her achievement now depends entirely on her own effort, I will give her a LV bag, with no ceiling price."

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