Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rain meeting with sexy Hollywood

World star Rain has suggested meeting with sexy Hollywood star Megan Fox. Aired on MBC Section TV Entertainment show on 3rd July has hinted that he did not know that he may just be interested with a date with Megan Fox.

Rain has always stated Megan Fox as his ideal type of woman. And on the 9th last month, Megan Fox has also visited Korea for the promotions of the movie ‘Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen’ and had said, “Rain has a really sexy body. I hope to meet him for once.” After which, Fox has picked Rain as her ideal type of guy doing promotions in other places.

On the show that day, Rain responded to Fox’s comments, “It feels great.” And when asked by the reporter if he will accept Fox’s date, he diverted away to say, “My movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ has started screening in North America, this is great and fun news to me.” Whether he will accept it is still a large guess for many.

Meanwhile, news have surfaced recently that Fox had called and emailed him several times to go on a date but accordingly, he had rejected by saying that he was “not interested”.

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