Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nyeo Shi Dae’s new song ‘Tell me Your Wish’

It is said that So Nyeo Shi Dae’s new song ‘Tell me Your Wish’ is faster selling as compared to their previous hit ‘Gee’ released earlier this year.

According to Hanteo, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has sold over 24K copies offline in just 2 days into its release. Back then with the song ‘Gee’, So Nyeo Shi Dae managed to sell over 23K copies only after 1 week into its release.

The girls are also hitting the 100K mark for all their 3 albums released, a sales volume that even the country’s best male idol group will find it hard to achieve.

It seems that the song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is gaining popularity faster than ‘Gee’, the song went up to realtime chart at #1 on the day of its release on 22nd June.

The song then went up to #6 immediately on 23rd June on music charts, ‘Gee’ had went up to #10 positions on music charts on first time back then. And right now the song is up #1 on various music charts, bringing back the So Nyeo syndrome.

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