Sunday, July 05, 2009

Second book ‘Qiao Jian Ba Li’《乔见、巴黎》

Currently Chen Qiao En’s second book, ‘Qiao Jian Ba Li’《乔见、巴黎》is printing for the third time. And within a short duration, the sales of 50 thousand copies were achieved. This made Chen Qiao En very touched and her eyes reddened. At the press conference of her new book on 3 July, Chen Qiao En almost moved to tears at the event. Manager, Sun De Rong, came back from Beijing especially for the event to congratulate Joe; he told the media to promote Taiwan artistes and he came also to present Chen Qiao En with an ‘unlimited’ gift.

Joe Chen Qiao En who has gained utmost popularity after acting in the idol drama: ‘Fated to Love You’held the new book: ‘Qiao Jian Ba Li’《乔见、巴黎》 press conference on 3 July. She wore a white bright short foreign-styled dress and bare her sexy back.. This drew the reporters and camera crew at the scene to keep snapping photographs non-stop and when she heard that the volume of sales reach 50 thousands and the publisher is printing for the third time, she was so touched.

Manager, Sun expressed his concern and support and flew back one day before the occasion to Taipei just to attend the press conference. Sun went on stage to narrate Chen Qiao En’s performance since she entered showbiz till now including the first time when she acted, hosted a programme and was blacklisted by the company and saw other artistes getting famous and now she became a first-line renowned ‘household name’ actress. The route where she travelled is recognized and especially this time round, the sales were fast and Sun said that if Qiao En continue to sell items which she likes,‘Qiao Jie Li’will give ‘unlimited’ funding.

When Sun said this, Chen Qiao En was very touched and said that this unlimited funding, she will keep it in her heart and if her book sells well, she will buy a present for Sun. . And earlier on, when Cai Kang Yong mentioned that her book is just a pretty girl wanting to snap beautiful photographs, Chen Qiao En expressed that she does not have particular good feelings for pretty photographs and the phrase is used for the effect of the programme and in private, they view the book seriously.

Chen Qiao En expressed her gratitude to the business partners who have helped in the completion of her Paris new book and to the publisher who has spent 1 million over dollars and it is considered a very high sum on an artiste and the end results were good. The only setback was the temperature was only 5 degrees and Chen Qiao En’s face was frozen. And as to which photograph Joe Chen like most, and she called it ‘pigeon, dove’ because she was dressed beautifully with the accompany of a flock of pigeons and it was very artistic. In actual fact, while filming what was on her mind was if she faints, will she be carried away by the pigeons to their ‘pigeon immortal kingdom'.

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