Saturday, August 29, 2009

Angela Zhang is finally releasing her sixth album!

After one year and eight months, Angela Zhang is finally releasing her sixth album! Before the official release, Angela first warmed up singing at a livehouse. During this secret performance, she sang 15 songs in a row including songs in her new album. After hearing already-released "Bai Bai De", her fans could not resist but call for another encore. This proved that Zhang did not lose a bit of her stage presence! In the end, Zhang decided to sing "Blue Eyes" to thank all her fans who have supported her since her debut six years ago.

She wore a black dress that was cut low and revealed her entire back. This let the fans praise: "You're so slim and sexy!" Zhang turned around and showed off her beautiful backside to her fans. She joked to fans: "Today I'm sexy A, is this sexy enough?"

Zhang first performed her debut single in the music industry, "Journey", then "Invisible Wings/Yin Xing de Chi Bang", "Yi Shi de Mei Hao/Lost Happiness", "Can't Guess/Cai Bu Tou", "Loving You with No Reason/Xi Huan Ni Mei Dao Li", "Number One Sweetheart/Tou Hao Tian Xin", "Days without Smoking/Mei You Yan Chou De Ri Zi" and many other classics. When she sang "I Turn To You", she revealed that when she competed in singing contests in Canada, she often practiced alone near the ocean. The sea was her audience, not to mention a couple of white tourists who were curious. Zhang emotionally said to her fans: "Now, you guys are my audience. A lot of you have supported me since six years ago when I acted in the ido drama. Tonight I see a lot of familiar faces and I feel really motivated. Thank you guys!"

Zhang also mentioned the article the press wrote about her choice of friends. She emphasized that she is a ethical person, someone who will not be influenced by friends. She also thanked her friends who always stood behind her through the thick and thin.

After the calls for encores, Zhang chose to sang "Blue Eyes/Lan Yan Jing" and asked for her fans to sing Qing Feng of Sodagreen's part of the duet. The entire show did not end until after 11 pm! Angela Zhang expressed that this was her first time singing at a live house and interacting with her fans at such a close distance. She felt that it was a fresh experience and rated her own performances at 90 points. (out of 100)

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