Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’

In the drama: ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Blue Lan Zheng Long and Joe Chen Qiao En filmed a wedding scene, and both of them ever since they started acting, have experienced getting married in almost every drama, however they both have different insights on marriage. Chen Qiao En at the moment is [not getting hitched kind] and do not have a lot of thoughts on marriage; Blue Lan Zheng Long under the influence of his father, thinks that one need to have all the preparation before starting a family, and pertaining to the way of carrying it out, Blue Lan Zheng Long said: ‘Simple is good, respect the girl’s ideas’.

‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ championed in ratings, internet fans saw the preview on Blue Lan Zheng Long and Joe Chen Qiao En’s wedding and were curious to know what will be the future developments for both of them, and even asked if this is the ending of the drama. Joe Chen Qiao En said there will be explosion that will follow, and ask the audience to continue to watch and find out.

And to capture the wedding scene, the filming crew went to [中坜] to film, and used the pavilion to decorate into the wedding ceremony venue; and the scene where Grandpa (Ting Jiang starred) escort Fu An (Joe Chen Qiao En starred) to enter the premises, and bestow the bride to Da Feng (Blue Lan Zheng Long starred) at the wedding scene, resulted in everyone filming a few times under the hot sun. Joe Chen Qiao En smilingly said: ‘Because all of us do not have the actual walking down the aisle experience, and the steps and pace we took were not with ease and graceful, hence NG a few times.’

Ever since entering showbiz, Blue Lan Zheng Long had experienced filming wedding photos several times, and Joe Chen Qiao En had also encountered wedding scenes. Although in the drama, she often don a bride’s gown, but Joe Chen Qiao En admitted that at the moment, she is the ‘not for marriage type’, and does not have a lot of opinions for marriage, and also have not thought about what mode to use to get married. Blue Lan Zheng Long under the influence of his father, deem that starting a family requires a lot of responsibilities, and when a guy ties the know, he needs to shoulder the responsibilities of the family and he said: ‘I will get myself fully prepared, before considering starting a family.’As to the mode in getting married, Blue Lan Zheng Long deemed that: ‘Simple is good, and everything I will respect the girl’s ideas, and see what her thinking is.’

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