Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clinica from Lion

Today Lion announced new commercials for their new dental brushing goods called "Clinica". It’s going to have a total of 5 different products such as toothbrushes and tooth paste and will be advertised in commercials starting on the 27th later this month. Popular actress Eikura Nana (21) has been chosen to work as the image character for "Clinica".

The new toothpaste "Clinica Advantage" is not only going to clean your tooths, it’s even going to provide them with the necessary and useful Vitamin E. It’s also going to protect you from tooth decay, inflammation of your tooth ridges and all the other bad stuff going on in your mouths. The new toothbrush will make it much easier to brush your back teeth thanks to its 4 different types of brushes. The tooth brush is going to cost 220 Yen, while you’ll be able to get the tooth paste for 148 Yen.

As usual, Eikura is trying (successfully) to sell it with her charm: "I’d like to keep my clean teeth by brushing them with Clinica every day!"

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