Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Star drama

SS501 Kim HyungJoon together with JunJin and Son HoYoung have been casted for hallyu drama ‘Super Star’. There will be about 30 hallyu star participating for this drama, set to bring the hallyu closer to fans in Asia, like Bae SeulGi, Baby VOS Shim EunJin, Ahn JaeMo, Lee TaeSeong and Seo JiYeong etc.

There will be 10 movie directors involved in this project, and will consists of 10 episodes. The first episode will be ‘The Grape Prince covered in needles’ directed by Lee CheolHa and features Ahn JaeMo, Shim EunJin, Cha HwaYeon etc.

It is said that this project will give opportunities to singers to take part in dramas, breaking the stereotype that singers cannot act, and also riding on the hallyu wave.

‘Super Star’ will be aired in Thailand and also other parts of Southeast Asia. It will be aired later part of this year.

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