Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life

In TTV, Sanlih Idol drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Chen Qiao En don a sexy nightgown to seduce Blue Lan Zheng Long. Both of them was hugging and kissing passionately on the bed. Blue Lan said: ‘Chen Qiao En appeared to be a bit nervous, but our chemistry was good and after two three takes it was OK.’ Had she ever wore a sexy nightgown to lure her boyfriend? Chen Qiao En said: ‘No, My sexy nightgown is only worn during acting.’

In the drama, Chen Qiao En first wore a red overcoat, then remove the coat, and reveal her sexy nightgown, unfolding her figure before one eyes, and then gazed at Blue Lan Zheng Long with an infinite deep love and express her love, Chen Qiao En shoke her head and said: ‘Oh my God, this is not the usual me’.

This is another challenge for Chen Qiao En after the drama: ’Fated to Love You’. She said with her face reddened: ‘Females who act such scenes, will be shy!’ After the scene was filmed, Chen Qiao En was ‘back to normal’, and make an uproar to use the wine bottle to ‘K’ Blue Lan, and became another person, and this amuse everyone to laugh.

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